Yerli ve Milli, Akpınar Brakelli..


As Akpınar Gearbox, we started our business in 2001 with the principle of "Providing quality world-class solutions to our customers with the most accurate and reliable solutions", we set out to provide service and support to our valuable industrialists in the main title of motor and gearbox, which are the lifeblood of the industry.

In the process that we started to produce for the high quality and special products needed by the industry, we have always turned to products with high technology and added value. In this context, we have added a product with high added value to our country and the sector with our first and only switch gear reducer manufacturing in Turkey in 2014. Respectively, worm type gearboxes used in almost all areas of the industry, lifting gearboxes designed for heavy loads, electromagnetic braking systems with our own brand AKMS and specially manufactured for Bridge Cutting and Cutting Machines used in Marble, Granite and Woodworking Sectors, have been able to produce electric motors that can be attached to Three Phase Low Center Full Protection Circular Saws, and industrial motors patented by TUBITAK and gate motors.

We are constantly striving and working to do our best to produce world-class products with quality, with our colleagues, of whom we are a constantly growing family, with developing and growing sectors.

In order for the products we produce in our country and international markets to be of high quality and distinctive features, we choose the machinery and equipment we use in our production park, under the latest technological conditions and from the best in their fields, and we make our investments accordingly.

We are working hard to always raise our targets and standards in the industrial sector, which we are proud to be a family of.